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If you love green in your home (and we don't mean the paint color!) you'll love the tips in our most comprehensive green remodeling guide ever. The Money Pit Guide to Green Remodeling is chock full with useful tips and advice on the easiest ways to go green in your home. Whether you're looking to make a minor household improvement for energy savings or a major change in the name of sustainability, The Money Pit Guide to Green Remodeling steers you toward real opportunities for improved home air quality, low-impact design, reduced energy use and a more positive, caring relationship between your family and Mother Earth.

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Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction to Greening Your Home

  2. 2. The Building Envelope

    What it is, and what the components are
  3. 3. Power

    The best energy sources in your home
  4. 4. Lighting

    Shedding light on home lighting options
  5. 5. Heating, Cooling and Comfort

    Solutions and savings for every season
  6. 6. Insulation and Weatherstripping

    The armor against high energy costs
  7. 7. Plumbing, Fixtures and Faucets

    Performance for less
  8. 8. In the Kitchen

    A healthier heart of the home
  9. 9. Design for Living

    Green ideas for any style
  10. 10. Outdoor Spaces

    Year-round maintenance made easy

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